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Return of the Blog

The last time I dove into blogging was over a decade ago. Two thousand and ten. I was twenty-five then. Had just moved back to the Bay after three and a half years of living in SD. A quick stint to collect my college degree and a decision to turn pro. What was to come next, however, how could one ever know?


Like a left hook slamming in undetected, I was rocked! Knocked from my socks; bell rung as fuck.

Life was asking me to begin again. No. Demanded. My dreams shattered alongside my shin.

Whether I decided to continue to fight or not thereafter didn’t change a thing… at least in terms of the healing.

The snap had sent me on a spiritual quest to find myself. My purpose. My reason for being. The essence of whatever it was that I was experiencing.


What the fuck was it? I was lost. I was found. I was being blown away by books beyond profound.

With reading came writing. Exploring. Journaling. Discovering who the hell I was. Writing was how I unlocked certain ideas and understandings about myself. It freed me. Introduced me to me.

The good.

The bad.

The ugly.

And the eventual acceptance of all three. Yeah, shit got meta as fuck.

At some point, I felt the need to share. The urge. The calling. The whatever you want to call it. Whatever it was, something beckoned me to begin. So that’s when I jumped in. Nothing major, just a simple Tumblr back then. Mostly things related to martial arts. Thoughts and ideas about combat mixed with my human journey back into the cage and all of my spiritual findings along the way.

Who knew that that blog would eventually become a book? A new look. Damn! Exit The Dragon, though?! What a life-changing left hook.


A writer?


A writer.

That’s what I’d become.

And recently it’s come back. The tug to write and share. The calling to kiss the keys. The return to blogging because for some reason it’s calling me. An old but new energy.

The good.

The bad.

The ugly.

The navigating life with courageous vulnerability. ‘Cuz you know what? That’s what the fuck we need to see. That’s what we need as humans in order to heal, connect, and be free.



You ready?

Written by

Jon Macalolooy

October 13, 2021

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