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& movement

programs i teach

Generally speaking, clients usually come to me for one of these topics.


This program is for anyone who wants to increase their chances of survival in a street fight or indoor brawl.

No fighting experience required; all genders welcome.

environmental awareness
high percentage set of attacks
safe zones
weapon avoidance
scenario emulations
multiple attacker scenarios


Best suited for those who want to learn a specialized skill, such as inside or counter fighting, OR those who want a crash course in the sweet science of boxing or kick-boxing.

All levels welcome.

foundational movements
head movement
basic strikEs
variational strikes
blocking and evading
basic patterns
specific tool development
distance & Timing


Tailor-made courses for those who want to increase their mat IQ or improve their takedown game. Perfect for BJJ players who want to up their game with wrestling, or strikers who want to add grappling to their skill set.

wrestling for bjj
contact points
pressure control
balance points
push, pull, and flow
setups and entries
countering wrestlers

pro-am prep

Best for the high-level athlete who wants to compete at the highest level, from amateur, rookie, and pro.

This typically includes a fight-camp style type of training where we fine tune what's working for you and what's not.

All combat sports welcome.

fight IQ
fight strategy
energy management
tech sparring
film review

martial thought

If you simply just want to be a better martial artist, do cool stuff with your body, and be a real life ninja, let's talk about your vision.

Explore deeper artistic expression and understanding of body mechanics.

flow state
Timing and distance
body Exploration
move specialization
living life as a martial artist

my philosophy

The essence of why I offer movement and martial arts as a service is that I want to help people get in touch with their bodies, have a better relationship with it and express themselves in meaningful ways... not just through the martial arts.

Our bodies store our joys and traumas. It’s the most fundamental way we can express ourselves as human beings — even more basic than the spoken word.

Being able to fully experience our emotions or authentically articulate the life force swimming through us is the North Star. That’s what I want to give people: entry points into the the flow state and closer alignment to their true nature.

I want to show everyone what an amazing organism our body is. When our relationship with our body is strengthened, it becomes a tremendous source of flow and enjoyment.

And if you’re going to be in that body for the rest of your “life,” then it’s best you start getting in better touch with it. Investing in yourself should always be a priority.

Play. Explore. Discover.

That's how we get there.


I take all of my clients through a process in which I evaluate and educate them about the "meat machine" they’ve spawned into.

Once I get an idea of their Body IQ, then we can chart the journey.

I teach the clients these fundamental topics:


  • How quick are you to learning something and doing it? (Body IQ and balance)

  • How good are you at "feeling" and articulating what you are feeling?

  • How good is your injury and tightness awareness?


  • How well do you move your body in space?

  • How well do you move your body in relation to objects, both stationary and moving?

  • How much control do you have over your body and manipulating tension and relaxation?


  • Trusting your body's natural intuition

  • Entry points and triggers to tap in

  • Learning how to problem-solve on your own

  • How to make the body take shape to be the best tool for the job

Tool Box

My hands-on teaching style generally goes like this:

I teach you a set of tools you can put in your "Tool Box", then I put you in scenarios for you to play, explore, discover, and eventually apply the idea and technique in a live setting.

At that point, repetition is the master.

But before that, we must discover together.



Initial consult

We'll meet up to talk about your goals and how we can work together to create a custom-tailored immersive program for you.


Design a program

We'll create a blueprint based on the topics and skills you want to acquire.

Choose appropriate package

We'll choose the right number of sessions based on how much material you want to learn and retain.

To ensure that you are adequately exposed to the material, all sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase for maximum retention.



One session


Ideally used for:

Single topic tune-ups


Set up Consult

4 sessions


Save $90

Deep dive into the goals

End the package knowing you've added new skills to your toolbox

Learn tools to continue growth long after the sessions are completed

Set up Consult

8 sessions


Save $320

Higher level of immersion

Puts you on a path to mastery about the topic

Spaced repetition to "burn in" the lessons

You are definitely going to get better at the goal with this package.

Set up Consult
* Most value
Testimonial Image
service review

"Jon’s lessons apply to life as much as they do boxing... I felt as If I was getting a 2-in-1 crash course.

This was one of the best investments I made in myself all year. I highly recommend Jon for anyone seeking growth and inspiration in and out of the box!"

Sandra garcia

Certified Co-Active Coach
Testimonial Image
service review

“As soon as his students walk in the door, all he has to do is take one look at them and know where they’re at that day.

If I tell him five times over, 'I don’t get it,' he will explain it to me five times over — a different way each time. He won’t give up unless the student gives up. He won’t.”

gazzy parman

BJJ Black Belt, Grappling Pioneer
Testimonial Image
service review

"If you train with Jonathan expect to have a total life transformation that begins on the mat/in the ring. He will increase your Fight and Life IQ.

No matter your experience level if you go in to train with an attitude of playfulness and willingness you will come out a better version of yourself than when you came in."

kevin pride

Professional Illustrator and Visual Artist
Testimonial Image
service review

"I’m a visual person, so it’s better if you were to demonstrate to me, however, there’s different people that you have to verbalize it to, and JonMac is one of the people who can do both.”

tiger smalls

Former NABO and WBO Featherweight World Champion.
Testimonial Image
service review

"... but he doesn’t do the work for you.  Instead, he helps you to take an honest look at yourself, and helps you become aware of what is already there and how it’s affecting your life so that you can ask yourself honestly what it is you’re looking for and what you can do to attain it."

jason tamse

life coaching